Over eight decades of manufacturing experience and references and wide range of products and services, based on own technology, represent the corner stone of research and development.

Technological solutions and production processes, verified by quality standard certificates, made them a stabile base for further successful operation on the global market.

What we Offer

Offering a wide range of metering products and solutions, we provide:

• Complete end-to-end metering solution (electricity and/or water).

• Supply of Electromechanical, digital, static, and smart electricity meters.

• Supply of Mechanical, static, and smart water meters.

• Supply of Test benches electricity & water meters.

• Supply of Dataloggers and communication modules for collection and transmitting data.

• Services for Data Analysis and Billing.


• First Mass Rollout Project in Kuwait for Supply of Smart Electricity Meters and testing Equipment with MEW. (executed)

• Supply of Dataloggers and cloud solution for water consumption analysis with KISR. (executed)

• Technical services for Modelling Residential Water Consumption in Kuwait with KISR. (Ongoing)

• Supply of Electromechanical meters for private market.

• Supply of mechanical water meters for private market.