Instrumentation, Controlling & Automation

Instrumentation, Controlling & Automation

Welcome to Bait Al Aseel's Instrumentation and Control (I&C) Division, where our seasoned team of experts, backed by proven field experience, is dedicated to delivering unparalleled solutions for industrial Instrumentation and control systems. With a focus on the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Water Desalination sectors, and Factories, our division is committed to providing comprehensive services that ensure seamless operation and efficiency.

Our Solutions

Compressed Air Solutions

We offer high-quality compressed air solutions including control system to various industrial applications. Instrumentation Air System for Power Generation Plants. Pneumatic Driven SF6 GIS Switchgear. Industrial applications

Silo Weighing Solutions

We take pride in providing expert engineering, installation, and commissioning services for various industrial weighing applications. Silo weighing systems for normal and classified area applications Batch plant weighing systems for process control and automation Weighbridges and various weighing solutions

Analyzer Systems

We specialize in the installation and commissioning of various analyzers for power plants, Power plant analyzer systems SWAS Various measuring instruments

Industrial Control Panel Retrofitting

Our experts excel in retrofitting control panels, providing cost-effective solutions to upgrade older systems with innovative features and automation. Gas turbine starting Diesel Engine control panels Pneumatic switchgear Air compressor control panels Critical Control System Hot replacements without operation interruption

Field Instruments & Control Panel

Full range of direct contact temperature measurement instrumentation Level Transmitters Special Purpose Valves Diesel Engine Control Panels

Combustion Solutions

Measure, Control, Optimize: Our collaboration with combustion engineering experts allows us to provide advanced solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of thermal power generation. We leverage model-based design and simulation, advanced testing procedures, and state-of-the-art measurement technologies to set new standards in combustion excellence. Our solutions include:Advanced measurement diagnosticsIntelligent control strategiesCombustion optimization