We are Group of Companies based in kuwait, supplier of chemicals to the global water and wastewater treatment industry since 2002 & today supplies chemicals and technical solutions to all large OEMs and Service Companies.

Baitalaseel company is well known for its commitment supplier of high-quality Chemicals, prompt & courteous service, & enjoys an enviable reputation as an expert & reliable solutions provider to the water and waste water treatment industry.

standards of health, safety & operational efficiency and meet the highest safety & environmental requirements.

- Supply of Sodium Sulphite 98% Food Grade to 6 MEW power stations in Kuwait.

- Supply of 12 Strand UHMPE Ropes.(KOC)

- Cation and Anion Resins for Polisher- ( KNPC )

- Supply of Hydrazene hydrate 35% & 80%

- Supply of Iso Pentane to Equate

- Liquid ammonia for use in boilers at the Subiya station

- Spare parts for screw air compressors for trailers- Atlascopo

- C- Polymer

- Boiler Straight Tubes

- Hardness Stabiliser

- Stainless Steel Round Bars - Mechanical Maintenance Control

- Supply of Poly Aluminium Chloride

- Supply of Ammonia 25%